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Music and nature are at the heart of any sketch.Music is the sparkle which brights up the personality (and the names!) of our swimsuits, whilst shapes and colours are inspired by the wonders of nature.Why Kinda?Kinda is the american slang for “kind of”, because we are talking about exclusive swimwear, not exclusively about swimwear. You can wear our pieces from day to night (and viceversa). As simple as that!Why 3D?We re-discovered and learned an ancient hand- sewing technique called “fabric manipulation”, which allows to give textiles the third dimension in space. Commonly used on structured fabrics, our challenge was to apply it onto elastic fabrics!The result are feminine and romantic bikinis, precisely because embellished with handmade 3D decorations, crafted by the hands of our patient tailors.100% made in ItalyNo doubt everything at Kinda, from production to packaging, is made in Italy with the finest italian fabrics and the highest Italian knowledge.We have chosen 100% italian suppliers to ensure consistency and accuracy in production, and guarantee our products meet (and exceed) expectations.If you can’t go around naked, wear a swimsuit. Or Kinda.

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